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    Siding Contractor Atlanta GA

    For “reliable siding contractors near me” in Atlanta, GA, Vision 7 Exteriors has the best team. Our licensed and insured professionals have over 30 years of experience combined. Every contractor specializes in Hardie board siding and plank styles. This top-selling choice in the U.S. is popular among homeowners. Our local company also has expertise in vinyl siding installation and replacement. You can choose the color, texture, and materials for your home siding project. Vision 7 Exteriors will work with you to create a long-lasting style you’ll love. We also offer repairs and maintenance services to protect your Atlanta property. Our siding contractors offer free quotes and competitive prices on all services.

    Siding Installation Atlanta GA

    Siding installation not only adds aesthetics but protects buildings from the elements. The Atlanta humidity, heat, sun, and storms can take a toll on your property’s structure. Not having the right home siding can make the interior of your house warm and uncomfortable. To accommodate the Georgia climate, you want to select the most optimal materials. Vision 7 Exteriors recommends protectant vinyl or Hardie board or plank siding. Stucco and aluminum are also acceptable for Atlanta homes and businesses. Hardie plank siding is made of fiber cement and is the top-selling brand. You can get a free quote on the different types and the installation project. Our siding contractors see the best results and benefits with Hardie and vinyl. You can restore your home’s luster or give it a dramatic look with our remodeling services. Reach out to Vision 7 Exteriors when looking for “siding companies near me.” Our experts will create the look you envision for your Greater Atlanta property.

    Vinyl Siding Atlanta GA

    Vinyl siding has a lower cost than fiber cement, like Hardie plank or board options. The materials are one of the most affordable choices for exterior remodels. Vinyl home siding has advantages other than cost but also requires maintenance. Unlike wood, you don’t have to worry about rot or insect infestation. Vinyl siding replacement or installation gives your property a durable option. You can choose from multiple colors and styles, including patterns that mimic wood. Vinyl home siding remains a common choice for newly built or existing houses. You get weather protection and fade resistance at a reasonable price. There are a few disadvantages that may occur over time. Mold and vegetative growth can form on vinyl siding, which can cause fading. Also, the elements can cause dirt and debris buildup, which requires cleaning it with a hose. As this type of home siding ages, it loses durability and will require repair services. Our contractors can fix, replace, or install vinyl on properties in the Atlanta area. Vision 7 Exteriors will give you a free estimate and explain your options. 

    Best Siding Contractors Atlanta

    You can stop searching for “the best siding contractors near me” because you found us. Serving Greater Atlanta for nearly ten years, we offer commercial and residential services. Our professional team is fully licensed and insured and guarantees your satisfaction. Vision 7 Exteriors has the best siding contractors for minor and extensive jobs. We specialize in Hardie plank siding and other products by the manufacturer. Our contractors also work with vinyl and aluminum materials. We have the best crew for siding replacement, installation, repairs, or maintenance. You can get a free quote for any of our services in the Greater Atlanta area. Our contractors will work with you on your home siding project. Vision 7 Exteriors offers competitive prices and will leave you with a look you love. 

    Book your free estimate with the best siding contractors in Greater Atlanta, GA. You can call our local company at 833-736-6387 or fill out the online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Replacement Siding Atlanta

    Many of our customers in the Atlanta area ask, “should I repair or replace my home siding?” While the decision is up to you, there comes the point when replacement services are the only option. Siding installation offers a long-term solution and a better investment than frequent repairs. You have the chance to revitalize your property’s exterior with a new appearance. Replacement siding can also let you upgrade to materials that offer more durability. You can switch from vinyl to Hardie plank or board in the style and color you want. Our siding contractors can work with you on the details of the project. Vision 7 Exteriors offers free quotes and competitive prices. Homeowners across Greater Atlanta choose us when looking for “siding companies near me.” Thinking you need repairs when you need replacement can take you by surprise. Our local siding company understands the stress of unexpected costs. Vision 7 Exteriors tries to help ease the burden by offering financing options. We’ll work with you to develop the best solution and plan no matter your situation.

    Hardie Board Siding Atlanta

    Hardie board siding is made of fiber cement and is the top choice for homes in the United States. Many customers choose the plank lap style, in a wood grain or smooth finish. Hardie board comes in various pretreated colors giving you a range of options. The brand can also be painted before the siding installation. Prefinished options have extra durability and protect against cracks, chips, and fading. James Hardie also makes vertical, shingle, or shake designs for your residence. Some commercial properties choose Hardie board siding installation, as well.

    The fiber cement siding is non-combustible and offers durability and longevity. James Hardie products withstand the Georgia climate, humidity, and moisture. Also, compared to wood, Hardie board siding resists termites and pest infestation. Maintenance is easy and only requires a hose and brush to clean the surface. Hardie board siding costs less than stucco, masonry, and many types of wood. The prices are in line with composite but are more expensive than vinyl siding. 

    Our siding contractors have experience working with all James Hardie products. The brand also manufactures exterior trim for your Greater Atlanta home. We can install Hardie Soffit Panels and Boards for fascia, doors, or windows. Hardie board siding can also be added to corners or columns for visual appeal.

    If you’re searching for “Hardie board siding companies near me,” we are the experts. Our local company in Greater Atlanta can install this durable option for your home. Set up a free quote today by calling 833-736-6387 or filling out the form. Vision 7 Exteriors looks forward to helping you!

    Transform Your Home with New Siding

    Have us transform your home with new siding to increase its value and visuals. You can have our contractors update an old-fashioned or run-down exterior. Choose siding replacement services and have us install the exact style you want. We’ll work with you to craft your vision for your Atlanta residence. Select home siding made of vinyl or fiber cement in the pattern and color you want. Our contractors specialize in Hardie plank and board options, the leading U.S. brand. You can create the look, including every delicate detail, and we’ll take on the transformation. Vision 7 Exteriors will work with you on designing the project. We offer free quotes and competitive prices to Greater Atlanta, Georgia. You can stop searching for "siding contractors near me” because you found the experts.

    Signs You Need New Siding

    Certain signs let you know you need home siding replacement services. Most indicators will be visible on the outside of your property. However, sometimes issues appear on the walls inside your home.

    Here are signs that you need siding replacement services:

    • Moisture and Mold

    You may see mold start forming inside your home and be uncertain as to why. The humid weather in Atlanta, GA, causes moisture and mildew to build up on siding. Sometimes, the growth is visible on the property’s exterior, but other times, it’s hidden. If you see discoloration on your walls, our siding contractors can come and take a look. We can check to see if mold is growing behind the panels because this can become a health issue. The longer you wait for siding replacement, the more the moisture buildup will spread.

    • Old Siding and Neglect

    Regular maintenance with a hose or power washer extends the longevity of your siding. Not upkeeping your home’s exterior as it starts to age will cause deterioration. Over time, you’ll need new siding installation from neglect. Simple maintenance helps preserve the integrity and adds a few years to the lifespan.

    • Storm Damage

    Thunderstorms or strong winds can cause tree branches to fall and tear siding. Hail can also dent the exterior of your home. Any rips that don’t get addressed can start to take on water the next time it rains. The moisture buildup can cause damage to the exterior and interior of your property. The humidity in Georgia only makes any gaps or holes worse.

    • Rotting and Erosion

    If your Atlanta, GA, home has wood siding, it may begin to rot or erode. Termites or pest infestations can destroy the exterior of your home. You can upgrade from wood to newer materials. We specialize in vinyl, Hardie board, and plank siding to give you more durable choices.

    • Warping and Bubbling

    Older styles of vinyl siding can bubble or bulge and will appear noticeably uneven. If you have any loose pieces, gaps, or even see hardware sticking out, you want to address the issues. You’ll likely need siding installation or replacement services.

    • Cracks, Dents, and Chips

    Sometimes accidents happen, and a piece of siding gets chipped or cracked. The damage will disrupt your house's appearance but can lead to further problems. Siding that easily breaks or dents has lost its durability. Despite looking like minor flaws, the exposed sections can see moisture buildup. The issues can spread because the lifespan of your siding is nearing its end. 

    • House Stays Warm Inside

    You may have effective air conditioning in the hotter months, but your house won’t cool down. The issue may stem from your property’s exterior, not your HVAC unit. You may need siding replacement services. Our contractors can come to your home in the Greater Atlanta area and identify the problem. 

    Don’t delay replacement and contact “siding contractors near me” in Greater Atlanta. Call Vision 7 Exteriors at 833-736-6387.

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    Request your free in-home estimate today for siding installation or replacement. Let us know what you have in mind, and Vision 7 Exteriors will work with you. Our siding contractors offer free in-home quotes across Greater Atlanta, Georgia. We specialize in Hardie plank, board, and vinyl materials. You can choose the color, pattern, and style for your business or home siding. 

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