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    Exterior Trim Installation Atlanta GA

    Exterior trim adds architectural elements to your home and serves a purpose. These decorative accents offer protection from rain and the Georgia humidity. We provide exterior trim installation services to the Greater Atlanta area. Our contractors can add casings around your doors and windows. We install soffit, fascia, and bargeboard along the roofing. Vision 7 Exteriors can also add plinths or blocks at the bottom of steps. Our local company will create the look you want with your chosen materials.

    We also love working with Hardie Trim Boards, made of fiber cement. This exterior molding complements the manufacturer’s home siding. Our proficient carpenters can create a finely crafted design for your property. Let our superior craftsmen add definition to corners, columns, and other areas. Exterior trim installation increases your residential or commercial property’s value.

    Soffit and Fascia Atlanta GA

    Soffit and fascia are purposeful pieces of siding molding that complement one another. The two types of exterior trim serve different purposes, but both offer protection. Fascia or bargeboard sits above the soffit and is where rain gutters are installed. The exterior trim runs along the roof eaves and enhances the visuals of your property. Common materials include fiber cement, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Unlike soffit, fascia is the visible board that protects homes from rainwater. Maintaining your property’s exterior trim prevents damage and upkeeps the appearance. The ideal types of outdoor molding to handle the Georgia climate are vinyl and fiber cement. Soffit helps cool the property down and keeps birds, pests, and rodents from entering. Vinyl and fiber cement take the Atlanta heat and humidity out of the air and offer ventilation. Vision 7 Exteriors works with both materials to install these types of trim. Hardie Soffit Panels can complement the manufacturer’s board or plank siding. You can choose a smooth or vented style woodgrain finish.

    We recommend annual maintenance on the soffit and fascia, which we perform. Inspecting exterior trim ensures proper protection from infestation and weather. Our siding contractors check the condition of the paint and caulk. We make sure the soffit and fascia are secured and sealed to prevent damage to your property. Other services include installation, replacement, and repairs to exterior trim. 

    Expert Exterior Remodeling Services Atlanta GA

    Our expert exterior remodeling services include trim installation in Greater Atlanta, GA. Molding often complements other renovations, including roofing and gutter installation. New windows and doors stand out with casing. Our contractors work with different materials that you can choose. We work with wood, vinyl, and fiber cement exterior trim and molding. Vision 7 Exteriors offers Hardie products to our customers. You can choose the style, finish, color, and pattern to meet your renovation needs. We provide free quotes on our expert exterior remodeling services and competitive pricing.

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