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Homeowners who need high-quality exterior remodeling services trust us for superior results. For nearly ten years, we have served Greater Atlanta, GA renovating residences in the area. Exterior updates to your home increase property value and drastically improve the appearance. Our range of services will add curb appeal and protection from the elements. In Georgia, the heat, humidity, and storms can cause damage. Moisture buildup, mildew growth, and water can degrade structural integrity over time. Instead of ignoring the issues or delaying service, have us perform renovations. Vision 7 Exteriors works to keep properties in prime condition while looking sharp. 


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    Our local remodeling company makes houses in Greater Atlanta more energy-efficient. We offer cost-effective solutions and use high-quality materials. Our residential roofers are GAF Certified and the best in the area. Vision 7 Exteriors also specializes in home siding installation and replacement. Our contractors work systematically and neatly throughout the project. We specialize in vinyl and Hardie board siding to give you a long-lasting solution. If you need home gutter replacement, we also provide those services. Our contractors can install, repair, or maintain your system. We work with new and existing sectional and seamless gutters. You can have us add leaf guards for additional protection.

    Other services include replacing windows and doors across Greater Atlanta, GA. We can install casing and exterior trim to accentuate your home and take it up a notch. Vision 7 Exteriors also has residential painters for any projects you have. We’re fully licensed and insured and prioritize customer satisfaction. Our local exterior remodeling company offers free in-home quotes and competitive prices. We ensure superior results and take on any renovation job, no matter the size. Rely on us for remodeling services for your home’s exterior. We have the best professionals who deliver the highest quality of work.

    Why Choose Us

    Our locally owned and operated company has been in business for nearly ten years. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience in exterior remodeling. We have GAF Certified roof installers that undergo extensive annual training. Vision 7 Exteriors also has talented carpenters with superior precision and skill. Every contractor is fully licensed and insured and takes great pride in their work. We service residential and commercial properties across Greater Atlanta, GA.

    A primary focus of ours is ensuring that our customers love the new look of their property. We continue to establish relationships with businesses and homeowners in the Atlanta area. Our local company strives to protect your property and visually enhance the exterior. Customer satisfaction has always been and will remain a top priority. Our team works closely with you to bring your remodeling vision to life. 

    Trust us for roofing, siding, guttering, windows, doors, or exterior trim. We offer installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services. You’ll get highly skilled contractors to complete your renovation project. Our local company also provides commercial and residential painting services. We offer free estimates across Greater Atlanta and competitive pricing. For adde51d convenience, Vision 7 Exteriors has financing options available. Feel free to inquire about any renovations your need.


    Great company !! Very professional and personable. They replaced my windows, Doors, sidings & painted my house. I always felt like David had my best interest at heart. I was especially impressed with their attention to detail & cleanliness though out the projects. Very satisfied would always use them again.

    Jade W.

    David and his crew were incredibly professional and easy to work with. They replaced our roof quickly and meticulously. The crew was friendly and thorough every step of the way from demolition to installation to cleanup. Most of all, they followed through as promised, very dependable and trustworthy.

    Janet Z.

    We got 18 windows put in and a sliding glass door to our deck. They were so nice and professional. We had some rot in one of the windows and the sliding glass door was not put in right by the last people who lived here. They fixed and replaced everything. I would definitely recommend them over and over.

    Maritza N.

    Our Recent Projects

    We Are Accepting New Projects

    We’re excited to announce that we’re now accepting new projects across Greater Atlanta. Schedule your free estimate today for any exterior renovations you need. Our local company services residential and commercial properties. Vision 7 Exteriors can drastically improve the appearance of your home or business. We only use high-quality materials and have proficient contractors. We’re fully licensed and insured for all renovations we provide.

    Our roofers are GAF Certified, meaning they’re the best in the Atlanta area. We also specialize in vinyl and Hardie plank siding. Our exterior remodeling company also installs traditional and seamless gutters. You can have our contractors add guards to prevent leaf and debris buildup. Other services include front door replacement and new window installation. Finishing touches include exterior trim, like soffit and fascia. Even if the outside of your home or business needs painting, we do that too! 

    Call 833-736-6387 to schedule your free estimate or fill out the online form. Vision 7 Exteriors can’t wait to hear from you and complete your project!

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    Roofing Atlanta GA

    A recommendation when searching for a “roofer near me” is to check for a GAF Certification. Vision 7 Exteriors of Greater Atlanta is proud to be recognized as one of the best in the business. Every year we train and learn about the latest technologies in the roofing industry. The certification ensures professional services that are held to the highest standard. Our roof contractors offer commercial and residential services. We specialize in installation and replacement, including new systems on the market. Our roofers perform repairs, including fixing leaks and other issues. We also offer maintenance services and inspections to prevent future problems. No job is too small or large for our local roofing company. 

    We specialize in asphalt and metal roof replacement, primarily for residential properties. Greater Atlanta homeowners can select three-tab, architectural, or designer shingles. The typical roofing you see on Georgia houses is asphalt roofing.

    Three-tab shingles are the most affordable. Architectural asphalt options deliver a multi-dimensional look to your home’s roof. Designer shingles are heavy and incredibly durable but not ideal for all houses. Luxury asphalt roofing is the most expensive choice because you can create a custom look. Metal comes in many options and has higher prices but can last up to 70 years. You can choose from different styles, including boards, planks, or shakes. Popular metal roofing materials include slate, copper, aluminum, and steel.

    Commercial roof replacement has limited options because the buildings are primarily flat. Many times, our GAF Certified company installs a plastic-based single-ply sheet. We secure the roofing and ensure water will properly drain to prevent leaks. Commercial systems have advanced technology protecting against UV rays, humidity, and heat. Vision 7 Exteriors offers free estimates to Greater Atlanta. Our roof contractors can go over the different options for your home or business.

    Siding Atlanta GA

    Consider us as you explore “siding companies near me” across the Atlanta, GA area. Our local company offers a range of residential and commercial services. We perform siding installations for newly constructed and existing buildings. Vision 7 Exteriors specializes in remodeling and upgrading properties. Home siding replacement raises property value but also elevates the curb appeal. We perform extensive jobs on residences with substantial square footage to minor projects. If you need maintenance or repair services, our siding contractors also handle those. Our licensed and insured professionals have 30 years of experience combined. We guarantee extraordinary results that live up to your high standards.

    You get to choose the materials for your siding installation or replacement project. Aluminum is the lowest-priced option. Vinyl siding is the second most affordable choice but offers more durability. Stucco is an option, but Greater Atlanta, Georgia, isn’t known for having many homes with that style. Synthetic home siding requires less maintenance than wood. Fiber cement comes in smooth and textured finishes. The best-selling North American brand is Hardie plank siding, one of our specialties. You get to select the best color and solution for your property.

    Vertical Hardie board siding and plank laps come in smooth or woodgrain textures. You can choose a prefinished color or opt to have them painted on site. You can combine Hardie plank siding and vertical boards to create a custom design. You can also order fiber cement in a shingle style with a straight edge panel. Our siding contractors can discuss your options during a free quote. Vision 7 Exteriors also works with trim and molding to add a final touch. Fiber cement costs more than vinyl siding but is more durable and needs less maintenance. These exterior renovations will substantially increase the value of your Atlanta, GA, property.

    • Home Window Installation 
    • Exterior Door Installation 
    • Gutter Installation
    • Residential and Commercial Services
    Home Window Installation 

    Home Window Installation Atlanta GA

    While windows have a long life span, there comes a time when they need to be replaced. While older styles were commonly made of wood, there are now more modern choices. If you’ve begun searching for “window companies near me,” we hope you found us. Our experts have over 30 years of combined experience specializing in exterior remodels. We offer home window installation services to Atlanta, GA, and surrounding areas. Our contractors work with all different styles, sizes, and materials. You can choose wood, fiberglass, or vinyl for your house window replacement services. Vision 7 Exteriors works on newly constructed and existing homes.

    Vinyl replacement windows are the most cost-effective choice and long-lasting. You’ll add visual appeal to your residence and make it more energy-efficient. Customers in Greater Atlanta still choose wood for architectural ambiance. Wooden home window installation has a higher cost and requires regular maintenance. Fiberglass has a mid-range price but can withstand Georgia’s scorching summers. Vision 7 Exteriors provides free in-person quotes for house window replacement services. Our contractors can help you decide the best option for your residence. You can choose replacement windows that tailor to your home’s style. We’ll also explain the purposes and functions of each type.

    We install bow, bay, casement, picture, double-hung, hopper, awning, and basement windows. Your Greater Atlanta home will have better protection against humidity and storms. New replacement windows also reduce noise and deliver a fresh look. Our skilled contractors can also install exterior trim. Adding casing during house window replacement services makes an impactful visual statement. You get to design a new appearance for your residence’s exterior. You select the colors, the number of panes, and the style. New window installation also significantly raises the resale value of your property.

    Exterior Door Installation 

    Exterior Door Installation Services Atlanta GA

    The doors to your home are an entryway and give visitors the first impression of your lifestyle. Sometimes a coat of paint or repairing hardware can restore the appearance. However, other issues may require a replacement. Our local company offers exterior door installation services to Atlanta, GA. We can work with you on choosing the best materials and style for your home. For your front door replacement, you can choose from steel, wood, or fiberglass. Each option offers benefits and some drawbacks. Steel front doors are affordable, but weather can easily damage them. Wood needs maintenance to prevent degradation and sticks in Georgia humidity. Choosing fiberglass for a front door replacement is a viable solution. The materials are durable and come in textures that mimic wood grain. 

    We install patio and storm doors for your property’s exterior in Greater Atlanta. Our contractors can install the style you want, including sliding glass. You can choose the design for storm front door replacement. Options include full view, retractable screen, and ventilating. Storm doors come in aluminum, vinyl, PVC, fiberglass, and wood materials. Vision 7 Exteriors offers free quotes and can go over the different choices. Our contractors will also measure out the space to ensure a proper fit. New windows and doors make homes more energy-efficient and increase resale value.

    Customers often need exterior door installation services for various reasons. Some want their Atlanta, GA property to have additional security. Others seek better weather protection or noise reduction. Busy households want durable exterior doors to handle the in and out traffic. Other reasons include deterioration and intentional or accidental damage. We’ve seen exterior doors fall off the hinges or detach from the frame. Aging structures and neglected wood can create these issues. Also, despite being called storm doors, sometimes the wind can cause destruction. Whatever reason you have, Vision 7 Exteriors can complete the job for you in the Atlanta area. Our expert installers will give you a brand new, beautiful exterior door.

    Gutter Installation

    Gutter Installation Atlanta GA

    Rain gutters aren’t the most visually prominent feature on homes but are necessary. A runoff system is crucial to protect your property from water damage. Vision 7 Exteriors offers residential and commercial services to Greater Atlanta, GA. If you’re in the area and need “guttering installation near me,” we’re here for you. Regular maintenance twice a year is recommended to clear out debris. Our local company also offers gutter guard installation to prevent serious blockage. These filters or screens reduce leaves and other debris from clogging the system. We can install guards during a new rain gutter installation or onto existing ones. The added protection makes bi-annual maintenance less labor-intensive.

    You can choose seamless gutters or a traditional, sectional system for your property. Modern models come in colors instead of the basic white we all know. Also, you can choose the materials for your gutter installation project. We work with vinyl, steel, aluminum, and copper and can explain the differences. Our contractors offer maintenance and repair services. However, home gutter replacement may be the best solution in some cases. Cleaning out the system twice a year extends the system’s life. Not immediately addressing blockage or clogs often leads to guttering replacement services. 

    Ignoring any common signs that indicate a problem can cause further damage. Water can erode your property’s exterior and interior, including yards. If you see rust, chipped paint, or cracks, it may be time for guttering replacement services. Also, any fasteners, screws, or other hardware falling out indicates trouble. Gutters should never loosen from a building and need immediate attention. Vision 7 Exteriors can perform a new installation for you or see if we can fix the issues. Contact our local company in Greater Atlanta to get a free quote and develop the best solution.

    Residential and Commercial Services

    Residential and Commercial Services

    Vision 7 Exteriors offers residential and commercial services to Greater Atlanta, Georgia. We can work with any building layout and size. Our experienced contractors will come up with the best plan for your property. We guarantee superior results and customer satisfaction to both home and business owners.

    Exterior remodeling services include:

    • GAF Certified Roofing

    Our contractors provide residential and commercial roof installation and replacement. We also offer repair services and can address any leaks or other issues. Our contractors work with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and commercial systems.

    • Business and Home Siding

    We specialize in vinyl and fiber cement siding installation and replacement. Our contractors have expertise with Hardie brand products, including board and plank styles. 

    • Guttering Services

    Vision 7 Exteriors offers repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services. We work with seamless gutters and traditional or sectional systems. Our contractors can also install leaf guards to reduce blockage. 

    • Replacement Windows

    Save on energy costs and upgrade your Atlanta property with new window installation. Vinyl offers a cost-effective and durable solution that will last for years.

    • Exterior Door Installation

    Our contractors install all kinds of doors on properties, including front entryways. We can install sliding glass leading to a patio. Our installers also replace side, back, and storm doors.

    We can add fine details, including casing for windows and doors. Exterior trim makes an architectural statement. Our proficient contractors install soffit and fascia, including Hardie branded products.

    • Painting for Property Exteriors

    Our local company has a team of highly skilled painters if you need any touchups. We offer services to both homes and businesses across Greater Atlanta.

    Financing Options Available For Your Project

    We understand that exterior remodels have higher costs than minor renovations. The services we offer help maintain the structural integrity of your property. Due to the necessity, we have financing options available for your project. Vision 7 Exteriors offers residential and commercial services to Greater Atlanta. We offer free in-person estimates for all renovation and repair projects. Our licensed and insured contractors will assess the job and give you an honest quote. Despite our competitive prices, we understand that some customers need payment arrangements. 

    Our exterior remodeling company works to ease the stress of paying upfront for a project. The financing options available will protect your home and help maintain your budget. We know the shock of expecting a minor repair and learning you need a full replacement. Vision 7 Exteriors will go over all options based on your Greater Atlanta property’s needs.

    Projects include installation and replacement services for homes and businesses. Reach out to us for new gutters, siding, roofs, exterior trim, windows, and doors. Let our experts know you’re looking to see if your remodeling project can be financed.

    Financing Options Available

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